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Complimentary Strategy Session

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Hand Analysis Discovery Circle

A fun and enlightening evening for you and your friends!

ORDER HAND ANALYSIS DISCOVERY CIRCLE                                      $40.00 USD PP


Each guest receives an 8-10 minute reading based on their unique fingerprints and other markings in their hand. $40 is the cost per guest. Guests can pay individually on this website.


The host will receive a complimentary Private Life Purpose Reading (see item below for details).

As the Host you receive a complimentary 1 hour private hand reading.  All you do is invite 10 or 12 of your friends to an unforgettable evening where each of your guests receive an 8-10 minute reading based on their unique fingerprints and other markings in their  hands.

Time Investment: Plan on spending two to three high quality hours together.   First, we begin with a 20 minute seminar on the art and science of hand analysis.  Learn more about this deep-self-discovery tool.  Imagine facilitating your friends becoming more aware of who they REALLY are!


Your Creative Purpose Private Life Purpose Reading

This 60 minute session includes Your Life Purpose, Life Lesson and Life School from fingerprints, and any gift markings you may have.


Order your session here on line or call (518) 421-2091.  As soon as we receive your order with payment, we’ll mail you a hand printing kit with detailed instructions. Make your hand prints and mail them back.  After we receive them, we’ll contact you to schedule your session.

Private Life Purpose Reading                                                                               297.00 USD


Your Creative Purpose Private Life Purpose Reading (conducted in person, Zoom or phone.)