New Foundations

Session Four


Part of any creative process, including the creative process of living a happy, fulfilled, and joyful life in our modern world, is the ebb and flow, the ups and downs, the periods of both action and inaction.

In Session #4 we fully address what can keep you stuck and what can motivate you forward.

Is it perfectionism?

Is it putting others first?

Is it buying into to others’ chaos, or perhaps, creating chaos in your life?

Is it not feeling worthy, or giving your power away?

Is it waiting for the perfect timing?


Now we will focus on what ever "student path" issues are present in your life, and begin transforming your experience of them into lessons that empower you.  I'll give you creative actions you can take to move to the  master path and create your "New Foundation" for what you really really REALLY want in your life!



Because you are taking the time and energy to fully create your new foundation on your personal truth, your soul’s purpose and your highest intentions, you are going to make the best decision, choose the best opportunity, move in the best direction for you, your soul, your life’s purpose and your personal evolution. You will KNOW that you are going in the right direction because you are making your decision based on TRUTH.

New Foundations Program: 4 Sessions

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