New Foundations

Session Three



In the first two sessions you received an entirely new awareness with which you can now view your life from a positive and constructive lens. Pure awareness on its own will not create change. The life you desire requires new action.

In this session you and I will integrate your new awareness into your reality right now. What are the choices you can make? What are the actions you can take? What do you really, really, really want and what are the small steps you can take in that direction.

The anxiety or uncertainty that you might have felt just weeks ago is now replaced with a new confidence, knowing and compassion. You are now aligning with your “Master Path” and are detaching from the habits or patterns that had, up until now, been keeping you on the “Student Path.”

We will explore your hand reading in more detail in the specific area of your decision or challenge and then address specific action you can take. Like planting a new seed, or intention, you need to prepare the soil, provide enough water and light, and then allow the time for it to grow, bloom and bear fruit.

I will give you new action steps you can take and new meditative, restorative, and creative action that will extend your intentions out from within your mind and into the physical plane. Too often we can get stuck with all the right intentions, but never take the appropriate action to get to where we want to be. Sessions #3 and #4 are all about me coaching you through creating the changes you desire to build your new foundation.



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