New Foundations

Session Two


In this Hand Reading we go more in depth into the skills, talents, and inclinations with which you were born. You will gain insight into why your relationships look the way they do, why your career has fulfilled or not fulfilled you, or why your gifts and abilities have been either underutilized or misplaced.

While the first session focused on the information from your fingerprints that you've had since before you were born, and will never change, now we'll look at other markings in your hands.

For example, your heart lines tell us about your relationship style; how you like to express love and have it expressed to you, including your non-negotiable need in relationships.

Your head lines tell us about your thinking style. Are you a creative, emotional thinker, or maybe you're more logical. Are you quick to make decisions, or do you like to get as much information as you can? This is all in your head lines.

Maybe you have a gift marking, or two, or more! These are rare, and indicate extra potential talent that wants to be at the center of your life. Are you a gifted healer, a gifted problem solver, or maybe you're a guide for lost souls. There are sixteen different gift markings and If you have one and are not using it, you are probably paying penalties, specific to each gift marking.

You may have challenge markers that indicate some area of your life that needs attention. Intimacy and trust issues? Not trusting your own intuition? Self care issues? Are decisions a big challenge for you?

These are some of the things we'll look at and connect to what we discovered in session one. For every marking in your hands, there is a master path and a student path. This is why it's really useful to understand your specific design. When your life doesn't look the way you'd like, you are likely on the student path of at least one important marker in your hands. Rule number one of "Soul Psychology" is "Be your type." When we go against that, our life doesn't work very well. When we understand the master path of our unique design, it's a lot easier to be our best self and create a life we love!

Now that we have a more well-rounded picture of how your life is reflected in your hands, we can start to reverse the process to help you to create the change you desire. You will learn how to use specific images as visualization tools to begin the process of aligning you more fully with your soul’s purpose, your Divine Assignment.

You are now empowered by the new insight you have into who you are on a soul level and by the new perspective that illuminates the guidance you are actually receiving in your life’s challenges, difficult decisions, or new opportunities.