New Foundations     
Session One



This first Hand Reading session you will receive will focus on your life purpose information that was written in your fingerprints before you were born.  There are three components to this information. The first thing it will illuminate for you is the“Life School” into which you were born.

Are you in the School of Service? Maybe you are going to learn how to fill yourself up first and then serve others from your overflow.

Are you in the School of peace? Maybe you feel like chaos surrounds you at all times and you will gain insight into how to develop rooted feelings of inner peace and safety.

You may be in the School of Love? Could expressing yourself more authentically and from your heart help you to create the change you desire?

Or maybe you came in to this life in the School of Wisdom? Together, we can explore new ways you can stop procrastinating and start taking action based in a new trust of your own inner knowing.

The second component is your life lesson. This shows up as a repeating pattern in your life to give you ample opportunities for growth in that area.

Do you feel powerless in some areas of your life?

Are relationships always difficult for you? Or family issues?

Maybe its money issues- finding the right work for good pay?

Understanding and recognizing your life lesson is the key to getting out of your own way and truly embracing your life purpose!

Your life purpose is the final and most exciting piece of the puzzle in your fingerprints.

Your life purpose is not a job. It’s more about the energy you bring to whatever you do. Are you a mentor to artists? Maybe a leader or healer with a message. Whatever it is, you are already doing it to some degree or other. You have to. But if you’re struggling in some area of your life, you may not be doing it enough.



At the end of this session you will leave with an entirely new, and constructive, understanding of why, up until now, you have faced certain challenges and how those challenges are meant to guide you onto your “Master Path.” You will also be given simple, new, and creative tools that you can use to energetically shift your thoughts, feelings and energies into new, positive directions.




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