Be Creative on Purpose!

New Foundations Program

What if You Could Actually Create the Life You've Always Wanted?!


Do you have a big decision to make?


~Should I end a relationship?

~Should I change my job?

~Should I move?

~Should I invest in my passion in a whole new way?

~Is it time to launch that idea?

Are you ready to get unstuck? …have a personal breakthrough?


~Do you have emotional patterns repeating themselves?

~Do you see yourself sabotaging opportunities in your life?

~Do you want to develop new emotional, mental, spiritual tools to live happier? 


All of us experience challenge in our lives. The question is how we handle that challenge


I am going to help you build a NEW FOUNDATION based on your “divine assignment” and to grow up and into the highest expression of who you are on a physical and a soul level.


In my New Foundation Sessions, we meet four times to fully address how you can rise above any challenges and/or make the decision that will serve your highest and greatest good. You will receive from me an entirely new awareness around WHY your life experience is such as it is right now, WHY you are facing certain challenges or opportunities, WHY you were born with your specific combination of strengths and weakness and HOW you can take new action to fearlessly and joyfully step into a future about which you are EXCITED!


~You are ready to master what is challenging you.

~You are ready to let go of limiting patterns and beliefs.

~You are ready to step into your “next chapter” the way YOU want it to    be written.



Learn more about your NEW FOUNDATIONS sessions by following the links below:

Session One              Session Two             Session Three                 Session Four

New Foundations Program: 4 Sessions

2 Hand Reading Sessions
2 Creative on Purpose Sessions

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