Client and Cash In Hand Session                                                               For Coaches and other Service Professionals


You know you can help people with their relationships, health, money issues, life purpose, whatever they’re struggling with. If only you knew who they were. You want to help everyone with any problem. How’s that working for you?


When you can choose one specific problem/ issue you help people with, your message becomes clear and your people can finally hear you, and respond to you.


But how do you choose?


The answer is in your hands, literally!


You actually have a blueprint in your hands that reveals what you’re here to do: Your specific life purpose, your gifts, your business niche, and even your biggest obstacle to success.


In a 90-minute session, I will show you who you’re meant to serve and what area you should specialize in, and what's blocking you, based on your fingerprints and other markings in your hands.

Sessions are done by phone or webinar using your hand prints. When you book your session, a hand printing kit will be sent to you with instructions.



Client and Cash In Hand Session $497