NEW Adult Coloring Book created just for you because you want the relaxation AND the magic!!!

~120lb paper…this is THICK, nice paper to take all media. Markers do NOT show through the back side of the sheet.

~perforated pages, for easy display.

~designs for you to color that are not TOO detailed.

~each design has an accompanying meditation, for maximum relaxation.

You know how meditative and relaxing coloring is.

This coloring book goes a step further by connecting you to the language of your soul.

Sacred symbols, art + ritual dance together to create “Artual,” a new way to create feelings of peace and freedom.

Your feelings and thoughts are different depending on what you are coloring.


With the accompanying meditations, each page will expand your awareness

into new ways you are being loved and guided every day.


The Super Soul Flow Coloring Book is the creation of Whitney Freya’s

Creatively Fit Coaches, a circle of creatives inspired to reveal to you

the magic you have within and the access you have to the Divine

in each and every “brushstroke” of the art that is your life.

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