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Feb 13, 2020

What is Love?

Seems like a simple question. But is it really? What if your definition of love is different than your partner's? Have you ever been in a relationship where you felt like you weren't receiving the love you wanted/ needed/ deserved? Or, no matter what you did, your partner never thought it was enough? Have you ever felt like you compromise in relationships more than you'd like to, but you don't know how to say how you really feel? Or have you ever just been frustrated or confused about why a relationship didn't work?
The truth is, everyone is not built the same when it comes to emotional style, needs and motivations. This can be easily seen in people's hands; Their heart lines in particular. The heart line reflects the kind of emotional system a person has. It tells us how much time we spend with our feelings and how we like to express them to others, as well as how we want love expressed to us. It also shows our non- negotiable need in relationships.

Understanding your unique love language (and your partner's) can really help you create and sustain deeper, more satisfying  relationships. One of the best ways to understand your emotional design is to learn about your heart lines on your hands. There are four basic heart lines. You might have the same one on  both hands or they may be different. You might also have more than one type on one or both hands. We can be complicated creatures. None of them are wrong. What is wrong is trying to be different from the way you're designed to please someone else, or expecting others to do be like you. (Wrong in the sense that it never turns out well.) For stronger relationships with better communication where each person feels loved in the ways that are important to them, it's really helpful to understand your heart lines.

In honor of Valentine's Day, I'm going to offer several ways I can help you do this.
I'll  be doing several heart line workshops. If you're local to Myrtle Beach, come join me this Saturday at Inlet Yoga from 1-3:30. For more info an that, Click here.
I'm also going to do a couple of free introductory classes online about heart lines. The first one will be next Thursday, Feb. 20 at 8:00pm est. This will be in my new Facebook group, The Art of Living on Purpose.You can join that group here. Please join even if you can't make the class. It will be recorded and posted there if I can make that work technically. (This will be new for me- running a Facebook group.)
Or, you can book a Relationship Reading with me. This is helpful whether you're in a relationship currently or not. We can look at just your hands or yours and someone else's. It can be a romantic partner, friend, business partner, or family member. Heart lines reflect your emotional style with all relationships. This can be done from anywhere with photos or hand prints on Zoom. (video conference.) For details click here.

The Game of Life                                                                          May 3, 2016

You must play the hand you’ve been dealt (or chosen?)



Remember the board game, Life? Well, what if life really is a game? Let’s play. Here are the rules: First, understand, life is not fair. Everyone chooses a purpose, and a lesson to learn, as well as which “Life School” they will be in for the duration of the game. The Life School choices are: The school of Peace, Wisdom, Love or Service. They each have their own challenges and rewards. You can choose special “gifts”. No one competes with anyone else, only themselves. Each attribute you choose has a “Student Path”, and a “Master Path” associated with it. Winning the game is not a final destination, but rather involves staying on the Master Path of your unique design more often than not. There may be times you are winning more, and other times, you’re losing. Oh, be careful when choosing those “gifts”. They come with penalties for underutilization.


An alternative version of the game is that you are simply dealt your hand and must play what you get. Nothing else changes, but in the first version, you are empowered to take responsibility for your life, even the difficult parts, except there’s one catch. Once the game begins, your memory is erased of any of these choices. So you may not feel empowered until you get on your Master Path. Version two goes pretty much the same way, but you get to feel like a victim of your circumstances. Or, you can still go that route and decide it’s God’s will, and feel good about it.


Either way, you’ll want to work on getting on and staying on your “Master Path” as much as possible. By the way, regarding that "Life's not fair" rule, if you're playing the first version, (which I recomend), What may seem unfair may just be the means to learning what you chose to learn in this game.


We do get clues about our Master Path. When your life is in chaos in some way, or there seems to be more struggle in some area (finances, or relationships for example) than seems fair, you are probably on your student path. Sometimes, your life lesson can be such a distraction, it becomes an excuse to avoid your purpose. Then you’re on the student path of both your lesson and your purpose.


When life is sweet, feels good and things seem to be working out perfectly, you’re on your Master Path! Just keep doing what ever lead to that. Yes, it takes a lot of trial and error.


If you want a more precise way, there IS an instruction manual, or a blueprint. It’s in your hands, literally! Your fingerprints in particular contain your life purpose, life lesson, and life school. They are formed before you’re born and never change. Understanding your unique blueprint for your game of life can give you a big advantage in the game. The best way I know to discover and understand your unique blueprint is a hand analysis. If you haven’t had one yet, contact me any time to find out more about that. Whether or not you consciously know what’s in that blueprint or not, (in the language of hand analysis), you are living with it. As one of my teacher says, “If it’s in your hands, it’s in your life.” 


Whether or not you have already had a hand reading, there are many simple things you can do to help you win the game. I’m going to start sending out a weekly short email with tips, thoughts and ideas to help you stay on YOUR Master Path. Until then, Enjoy the game!


Oh, that’s my first tip. Remember to have fun! (It's just a game.)





   Giving Thanks                                                                                 Nov 19, 2014


This is the season, as we know for giving thanks. But what does that mean, really? It means to be grateful, to appreciate the good things in your life, especially the people. But that’s not always easy. What if you don’t feel like you have much to be grateful for? What if your life is full of struggle and pain, and difficult people and circumstances? What if you’re unlucky? You got dealt a bad hand? What if this life is not what you signed up for, or so you think?

Well, you can be depressed, or bitter, or angry, or lonely. You can feel powerless and blame others or circumstances. You have that choice. Or, you can reframe those things and choose to find some value in those difficult things. You can decide that maybe, in some way, you did sign up for these things. Maybe there’s something you are supposed to learn from your challenges to become a better stronger you, and evolve into a more enlightened person.  And then, maybe, you can actually change the things you don’t like. And maybe you can ultimately use what you’ve learned to help others.


By the way, those difficulties, the really hard things in your life- They are very likely related to your life lesson that is written in your fingerprints. Understanding your life lesson can be a huge step in changing your perspective about your life and empowering you to change it. If you still don't know your life lesson, you can schedule a hand reading here.

Also, Forgiveness, can be very important. Forgiveness is not easy, but can help you take responsibility for creating the changes you want in your life. Are there people in your life you need to forgive? Do you have things you need to forgive yourself for? Forgiveness does not mean that it's ok that someone hurt you. It means that you release the anger, blame, guilt or shame so it no longer has power over you. It gives you freedom to grow, to become more whole.

Transition and Life Purpose                                                     July 16, 2014
Be Here Now!
Understanding and living your purpose
(which is literally written in your fingerprints), is especially important during difficult times or times of transition in your life. Otherwise, it's easy to get sucked into your life lesson, which is also in your fingerprints. You don't want to stay there too long!
I am going through a big transition in my life. I'm in the process of fixing up our house to sell it (an enormous undertaking), and move to another state, and also looking for a new house there. Oh, and I'm trying to balance that with running a business. So, I went and did what seems like a crazy idea. I committed to a five month private coaching program, working with someone who is helping me focus on my creativity. This involves a daily time commitment for creativity, as well as several full days of painting.


I have been overwhelmed with trying to balance all there is to do, so it seems a little nuts to take on another thing right now. But, I know that this will help me manage it all better. You see,  my life purpose according to my fingerprints is mentor to artists. That says I'm a mentor/ teacher, and an artist. The mentor part comes easier for me. I know in my heart that creativity is definitely the other part, but I've had a harder time making that a priority. But I know that when I do, I feel more complete and my life works better. That's why I've committed to making creativity part of my daily routine especially during this time of transition.


This morning, I spent some time painting. Nothing special, just playing with colors on paper. It took me a while to get started, but eventually, I was into it and enjoying what I was creating. Then I sat down and did some writing. I've been doing "morning pages' (stream of consciousness journaling ) for many years, but not much lately, with the current chaos in my life. Lately, when I try, I'm too scattered to get into it. But, today after painting, words came easily. The first thing I wrote was about how I spent over an hour painting, and while it was fun, I'm still not sure how it connects to anything else other than being in the moment. Hello!! There was my lesson! Be in the moment! Be here now! We're all familiar with the concept, but this was more than a nice idea in my head. It was an understanding that only comes from experience.


I felt more grounded and able to move forward with my day with a more focused and intentional energy, rather than stressing over all the things I'm not doing at the moment.


This is just the beginning. I intend to continue with my daily art making, and fully expect to learn many more life lessons as I learn more about painting. I trust that this will support me and help me grow as I move forward.


You can't just talk about your purpose. You have to do it! Knowing without doing isn't really knowing.


If you're not sure what your life purpose is, I can help you with that. Schedule a life purpose hand reading here.


What is Creativity?                                                                                            May 13, 2014


I have always had a strong drive to create art, or to "be an artist". I know that even if you don't have a particular interest in that, Apollo, or creativity is the most common life purpose that shows up in people's hands, (fingerprints, in particular) sometimes alone, and sometimes in combination with other things. So, I think it's important to explore what creativity means.


There are many definitions of creativity. I like to think of it as the authentic expression of who you really are.


I had a booth at a women's expo a couple of weeks ago with a banner with my business name, "Your Creative Purpose" behind me. One woman asked me what that means. So I've been thinking about that a lot lately.


I believe everyone is creative. We may not all be good at or interested in painting or making music or some other form or "art". But if you're alive and conscious, you are by your nature, a creative being.


"Creativity is the natural order of life. Life is energy: Pure creative energy.

There is an underlying, in dwelling creative force infusing all of life- including ourselves." Julia Cameron


We all have our own interests, passions, desires, likes and dislikes that make us unique. We have a natural drive to express ourselves based on those things. For some people it may look like art. For others it may be the way they raise their children or how they run their company or decorate their home, or anything else. The important thing is that it is the authentic expression of the individual. It is not something that is learned. 


I'm not saying we can't be creative with what we learn. In fact, we're constantly exposed to learning opportunities from other people and experiences. But the way we use them and the way we connect the different things we learn is how our creativity shows up.


"The human brain cannot deliberately concentrate on two separate objects or ideas,
no matter how dissimilar, no matter how remote, without eventually forming a connection
between them"  


... Leonardo da Vinci"


 So why is it sometimes so hard to express our creativity?

We get lost in our circumstances and deny or forget our deepest desires. Actually, those "circumstances" are part of the plan. We each have a specific life lesson that is directly related to those circumstances. We feel "powerless". We have "responsibilities". We "don't have enough money". We have relationship problems, or family issues. These are all life lesson possibilities that could show up in your fingerprints. Don't worry, there are more. These things can sometimes become the focus of our lives distracting us from our true desires. They can become our excuse for not doing our creative work. When we put so much energy (time, money) into our life lesson, it's easy to forget what we're passionate about. But when we are connected to our passions, our creativity flows from there.


 Your creativity is directly connected to your life purpose. You can be more creative when you know your purpose, and you can also connect to your purpose through creative work/ play. Art making, and music and dance are some of the ways you can shift into a more right brain way of being, which is more intuitive, more creative, more holistic, more connected to your higher self. So, even if you don't have a particular interest in being an artist, doing some form of art on a regular basis can help you discover things about yourself that you didn't know, and become a more complete version of you.

 Do I work with only artists? Yes and no. Based on what I just wrote, I feel like everyone is an "artist" of sorts. But not everyone is comfortable with that label. So, no. I work with all kinds of people who have gotten distracted by their "circumstances" (life lesson?), and have gotten off track from their purpose. I help people remember who they really are, and help them discover their own built in resources to deal with the obstacles in their path to their life purpose.

"When you're on purpose, your creativity can soar." Bernie Dohrmann, CEO Space founder and CEO.



Life’s too short

How long are you going to wait to give up your excuses and stories

and finally allow yourself to unleash your creativity that’s been dying to get out? What’s it going to take for you to stop holding back and start writing that book, or maybe some poetry, make music, dance, or get some paint and play with color? Do you love art and support other people’s art but would never call yourself an artist? Are you one of those people who say, “I can’t draw a straight line”, but secretly wish you could? Do you think artists are “special” people who are lucky to be gifted with talent? Well, it’s time to stop that! Everyone has creative urges, and you don’t need special permission to explore them. In fact, you are doing yourself and the world a disservice by holding back because making art or doing anything creative allows you to connect with your true self. It makes you more whole, and that makes you happier, healthier, and more productive which affects everyone you come in contact with, and there’s a ripple effect. You don’t know how many people you touch by your attitude and energy. Do you want that to be a positive wave or negative?

I believe it’s so important to find a way to have some kind of creative outlet if you feel the urge. I also know that it’s really easy to make excuses and put it off as something frivolous or unimportant, or for some day when your work is finished, but it’s not any of those. It’s the difference between you just getting through each day and you truly enjoying life and thriving emotionally, spiritually, and even financially. That’s why I’ve developed a program to help you with this.

Jan 31, 2014
Are You Living Your Life Purpose Inverse?
I was.
(apathy and hiding out)
In case you're new here, I'll just mention that we all have a specific life purpose that is literally written into our fingerprints. Really! It's fascinating and amazingly accurate! Sometimes, when we feel like our life is NOT on track, we may be avoiding our life purpose, for any number of reasons, and actually be in our life purpose inverse!  (We're usually not aware, and have lots of excuses or blame.)


I just got back from a little vacation of sorts. I took a break from my reality. I ran away for almost two weeks. I had been sick since before Christmas with a terrible cough. I was physically exhausted and emotionally pretty drained also. I was having a hard time caring about anything. I knew my life purpose, and not so long ago I remembered feeling passionate about it and having plans for workshops and programs all related to it. I know a lot of other people have been excited about what I've been doing and looking forward to what I'm planning for the upcoming year.


But I couldn't feel it any more. I could relate to the words in this song by Neil Young: "Where did the magic go? I can't find it no more. I can't get ot back..."
Knowing something  in your head is not the same as feeling it in your heart!


That's how I was feeling. Again. I've been there before. I know the place. Fortunately, this time I didn't stay there too long.


Now that I know hand analysis, I've learned a new term for this place. This is "The Big Gaping Hole", or a life without meaning. A
 lot of people take medication for this (Prozac, weed, wine), some people are just miserable a lot, and some people actually end their lives. It's not a fun place to be.


Having been there before and back, I knew I had to change some things. Thanks to a good friend, (Thanks Jen!) I had a beautiful peaceful place to escape to in a warm place, so I did this road trip, hoping for rest, healing, and inspiration. ( and maybe a new place to live).


I did get away from the frozen arctic hell where I live, (Can you tell I'm not a fan of winter?) and other things, and I did find some beautiful, peaceful and fun places.  (I have several new favorite places!). In fact, my husband and I have decided that we're going to move there as soon as we can sell our house.


And I even did a little painting each day. No great masterpieces, but a consistent practice of painting or drawing each day. That should satisfy my "artist" life purpose, or so I thought.        


So, I should be refreshed and ready to get back to my life, right? But when I got home, I was still there. I spent an entire day trying to force myself to remember what I care about and what I was going to do with that. What's up with that?





It's funny, but this seemingly meaningless little thing is what energized me.


 I posted a few photos on Facebook, and I got a lot of positive response to them. They weren't anything important or great- just a few photos I took while I was away, and a few pictures of the little daily paintings I had been doing. But the response really made me feel good- totally changed my energy.


Bear in mind, this was different than when I repost something funny or cute, or inspirational that I like and people respond to it. I'll notice that they respond, but this was different. This was my art. This was personal.


So that's when I realized what was missing. Connection with people. Specifically, "The Artist" life purpose, that is written in my fingerprints, requires me to express my creativity, and also, to get recognition for it. To be "in the spotlight". If your life purpose in your fingerprints includes creativity ("the artist"), then you also needs an audience, recognition and applause.


So, even though I have been doing art on a pretty regular basis lately, and even encouraging other people to do so also, I have been focusing on art as kind of  a spiritual practice, focusing more on the process than the finished art. I still see the immense value in this. However, I realize that the part of my life purpose I've been avoiding for too long is  having my art be seen. I've fantasized forever about having gallery shows of my photos or paintings, or maybe even something else. (I have lots of creative projects on my agenda.)

But I've avoided persuing it. 


 So now I know it's time to do something about that. But just that little bit of "spotlight, and that subtle but profound awareness was enough to shift my energy back into a positive, creative place.



How can this help you? Well, if you find yourself in that place, (The Big Gaping Hole), I'll bet anything  that you're not living your life purpose, or at least not fully. You may be doing part of it, but there may be  an important part of it that you're neglecting. Understanding your life purpose as much as possible can make all the difference.


Or, maybe it's your life lesson that's got you, but that's a whole other topic.


Either way, all this stuff is literally in your hands - your fingerprints to be specific.


If you want to discover YOUR life purpose, life lesson and other powerful things that are in your hands, contact me.


(518) 421-2091



Can You Cheat Fate

Can You Cheat Fate?

hand surgery

Or maybe a better question is… Is there a shortcut to a better life?

In Japan, where palm reading is still a very popular form of fortune telling, there’s a new trend. People are having the lines of their palms surgically altered in hopes of increasing their luck or changing their fate. Read about it here.

While I can tell a lot about a person from the lines in his hands, this kind of predictive fortune telling has little to do with what I know about hands. However, this idea of changing your lines surgically is kind of a fascinating concept to me.

As a hand analyst, I know that the lines in your hands can change over time. The lines reflect the neural pathways in your brain and your experiences or habits can create or change lines. So I wonder if it could work the other way around. Like how they say if you’re feeing sad and fake or force a smile, it actually changes something in your brain and you will become happier. So, what if you have a very messy heart line, indicating difficulties with relationships? Could making that line cleaner and nicer make your relationships better? Or what if you have a short head line, indicating that you don’t spend a lot of time thinking, and probably make quick decisions. Could lengthening that line make you a gifted problem solver? What if you have no Apollo line, a line that suggests a lot of creative energy? If you created one, would you get more creative energy and focus?

Maybe this could work, but it seems a little like trying to cheat the system, or or a cop out, looking for an easy way to fix your life without effort. (How many people do you know whose best financial plan is to win the lottery?)

This surgery is an intriguing concept, but it’s probably better to use the information in your hands to understand what the lines and markings really say about you — your strengths and challenges, and use that to help you make the best of what you have. It may require more work, but the results will be more authentic. Your life doesn’t get better by luck. It requires effort.

By the way, while the lines in our hands can change, our fingerprints never do, and they contain our life purpose information. So while we can see changes in our palms that can reveal growth or challenges, our life purpose never changes. The growth opportunity here is to understand your purpose as much as possible so you can express it appropriately, but maybe differently as you evolve.

Are you on the Master or Student Path?

Are you on the master path in your life, or the student path? Do you give yourpower away? Are you a victim of circumstance, or do you take full responsibility for your life?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been on a spiritual quest just about my whole life. Reading self help books and  spiritual books, making art, attending workshops, asking the big questions- Why am I here? What’s my life’s purpose? What’s it all about? I have found many answers along the way and one of the greatest tools I’ve come across is hand analysis.

Hand analysis has helped me understand not only myself so much better, but other people too. In fact it has given me insight and compassion for people who would have previously irritated me, even without ever seeing their hands. This is because now I understand that we have all come into this life with very specific lessons to learn on our journey to discovering and living our life purpose. I also know that some people have much more difficult lessons than others and you can see this in their fingerprints. However, this does not mean they are unlucky, or victims of their circumstance. It actually means that they chose to learn some really challenging stuff in this life. Yes, I said chose. If we can accept that we (our souls) actually made a choice to have certain kinds of experiences, it can empower us to handle the difficulties better, possibly make changes, and learn something from them, which was the point in the first place.

Our hands have a lot of information about us, including our life purpose, life lesson, our relationship styles, communication styles and a lot more. For every one of these markings in the hands, there is a master path and a student path. We can go from one to the other, sometimes very easily, with just awareness. Other times it can be more difficult

For example, I have a gift marking in my hands called “Lines of Genius”. That means I’m a gifted author / speaker with a message for a large audience. I have been enjoying writing these blogs/newsletters and have gotten a lot of  really positive feedback from them, and some really great clients who were inspired to work with me because of them. Well, I’ve been struggling for several weeks about what to write this next one about. I have been having a really hard time figuring out what my message is. Why am I even doing this? I’ve started writing several times and changed direction and gave up. It turns out, this is the student path of that gift marking – not being clear on your message, spending a lot of energy with little results, chasing your own tail. That was exactly what I’ve been doing.

So, what can I do? I could just give up and decide I’m not a writer and I have nothing to share. Or figure out how to get on the master path. I decided to stop trying to force it and do what I know works for me. Color. Play with color. Paint. Collage. Make some art. I have been making a point of scheduling some time each morning for this little thing that is so easy to dismiss as unimportant, or wasting time. But creativity is part of my life purpose and I know that when I honor that and give myself permission to take the time to play with this stuff, it connects me to my higher wisdom.

I have recently made a conscious decision to be on the master path of everything in my hands, as much as possible. That means owning my strengths and gifts and life purpose, and not using my life lessons as an excuse to avoid my life purpose. This is not an easy thing to do, but I have made a decision to be as conscious as possible about this. I usually recognize my life lesson when it shows up. I’ve recently done a lot of work so that I am no longer triggered by it the way I used to be. I’ve been working with a healer/ coach on this and it has changed my life. Sometimes we need help. If that’s what it takes, get help. Hire a coach, therapist, hand analyst, healer, what ever it takes.

You can spend your whole life playing the victim or you can choose the master path and take full responsibility for your life. It’s not always easy but it’s worth it.

To discover the master and student path of your life lesson and life purpose, contact me to schedule a reading. (Can be done in person or over the phone from anywhere using hand prints).

Thanks Mom!

Whether or not you are a mother, you probably had a mother and maybe still do. Was Mom the best mother in the world, or the worst? Or somewhere in between? Where ever she fits in in your mind, I hope you know that she did the best she could. If she was the best Mom, I hope you appreciate her for it. That’s a gift that not everyone has.

If you feel like she failed you in some ways, big or small , again, I hope you can see that she did the best she could. Even if it may not look like it to you.

As we get older, we (hopefully) gain a different (more mature) perspective about Mom. This can make forgiveness and appreciation a little easier.

There was a time when I was very critical of my Mom. She should have done this differently or that better. (Now I have a daughter who looks at me that way.) For one thing, I didn’t like that my mother smoked. It was a big issue for me. She ended up dying of lung cancer. After she got sick, I traded in my judgment and criticism for compassion.  It would have been nice to be able to do that sooner.

As a mother, I know that we want to do the best we can for our children, what ever that means to us. But there are no clear rules or instructions.  On the  surface, it seems simple enough. Keep them fed and warm and clean and happy and oh, by the way, teach them about life and how to be good people. But wait, I’m still working out my own issues. They’re going to be watching me? and learning from and copying me? And judging me? Hold on, I didn’t realize that was part of the plan!

It would have been nice if there were more instructions! Well, as it turns out, each kid came with some information that I only recently learned about (about four years ago).  Actually I came with my own as well, and now that I understand this, I can see how much easier things could have been if I had known  this long ago.

Of course, I’m talking about the incredible blueprint in our hands. If I had understood my life purpose and life  lesson that’s written in my fingerprints, I believe I would have been a better mother when my kids were younger. If I had understood what my daughter’s two hermit heart lines meant, I might have been more patient and understanding when she didn’t want to go to kindergarten. (She had her brother and her friend, AJ. She had no need for any more friends.) Or about why she insisted on doing everything herself even when she was three. (Hermits are very independent).

I wish I had seen my mother’s fingerprints before she left us, but I was just starting to learn about this when she was sick and I never got to find out what they said. I have some guesses, but I’ll never know for sure.  If I understood my mother’s hands  long ago, I would have been  able to understand her better- her behaviors, her challenges and motivations, on a whole different level. This could have lead to better communication and a better relationship. Understanding this stuff can foster compassion where there might otherwise be judgment.

 Knowing your children’s life purpose can help you guide them with their choices. Understanding their life lesson can help you recognize when they are being triggered by it and  support them appropriately,and help them  learn from it.

Understanding what’s in your own hands  can help you be your best self, which will help you be a better parent because yes, they are watching you and learning from and copying you. It can also help you make parenting decisions more from a place of confidence and personal power instead of from fear triggered by your life lesson.

April Showers…

Are you ready for new possibilities this Spring?

I don’t know about you, but I’m so ready to say good by to winter and hello to new and better things! I know some of you are in warmer, sunnier places, but here in the Northeast it gets to a point when we’re  seriously ready for change. We’re beyond that point now and the good news is, it looks like it’s really here!

Yes, we’re tired of the cold and gray days but Spring brings the promise of warmth and sunshine and color and that’s not all. With spring comes new life. You can see it everywhere in nature. It never fails. But it’s not just out there. The energy of Spring brings a feeling of possibility of growth, change, and re-birth inside us. Or at least in me. Can you feel it too?

I feel like those tree branches with the buds that are about to sprout into beautiful colorful leaves and flowers. I’m excited about projects I’ve been working on and people I’ve been working with that are all about to blossom!

If not, maybe you can relate to Jupiter life lessons. Powerlessness, victimization and blocked passions.

I’ve become aware of an interesting trend in my business and my life. I’m a hand analyst. I help people understand their life purpose and life lesson from their fingerprints, among other things. Almost all of my clients lately have the same life lesson, or variations of it. This is very unusual because there are many possibilities that can show up in the fingerprints. But they are all coming to me with Jupiter (index finger) life lessons. What does this mean? It’s about power. Reclaiming your power, powerlessness, abusing power, and also victimization, shame, numbing out, and blocked passions. They are all related.

The interesting thing is that we usually attract people into our lives who are like us, or people who are here to teach us something, sometimes mirroring something in us that we haven’t recognized. So, it was interesting to me that I’ve been attracting all these people with similar life lessons but I don’t have that one at all! Don’t worry, I have my own specific lessons but power issues are not supposed to be part of them according to my fingerprints. And trust me, my life lesson definitely shows up in my life.

So, what’s going on?

I realized that I have been experiencing my life lately as if I did have that life lesson. No, it’s not in my fingerprints, but I’ve been acting like it and so I’m getting all these people coming to me for help with these issues and, once again, as I’m helping them see possible ways of reclaiming their power and reconnecting with their passions, I’m helping myself do the same thing. It’s really interesting how that stuff works. And it always does!

So, because of all this, I have been inspired in several ways. First, I’ve become very aware of how that (powerlessness issues and victimization) shows up in my own life, and second, I’m working on a program to help people deal with and break through these issues. I’ve been getting better at trusting my intuition ( I’ve been having more intuition markers showing up in my hands lately), and I believe this is what I’m supposed to do for these people. I have several creativity programs coming up and I will soon have one specific to this life lesson. Whether it’s your life lesson as written in your fingerprints or you’re living like it is for some other reason, it will help you move from powerlessness and blocked passions to reclaiming your power in your life and rediscovering your passions. I look forward to sharing more info about that soon.

Intuition, Trust and Broken Mirrors

The last article I wrote was about intuition. A lot of interesting things have been happening to me since then. I’ve become very aware of a lot of synchronicities, lately; You know, those “coincidences” like when you think of someone you haven’t talked to in years and they call at that moment? I’ve had a few more profound experiences too, but too complicated to go into here. Suffice it to say that the more I’ve paid attention to my “random thoughts”, the more it leads me to things that look like magic.

Intuition is an inner knowing. Being aware of, or tuned in to something without knowing how you know. Trusting your intuition is another story. Trusting your intuition involves paying attention and acting on it when appropriate. Sometimes it may seem easier to look for answers from others. That’s ok sometimes, but this works best when someone else simply reflects back to us what we already know, but maybe didn’t trust. When you get answers from others that don’t feel right, that’s your intuition telling that you DO know the answer and it’s not this.

I was coaching a client the other day and one of the things we worked on was trust. Self trust. Trusting her intuition. I had no problem seeing that this was her problem and helping her to recognize it and figure out what she can do about it. It was only later after we were done, that I realized a couple of things.

First, the thing I was helping her with was exactly what I needed to hear myself. In fact, it’s part of my life lesson that’s written in my fingerprints. I was able to see very clearly the answers I also needed when it was someone else’s issues.

She told me that I was a great mirror for her; that I could see in her and reflect back what she could not.

This reminds me of something I've heard and have come to believe: “What we’re here to learn is the what we’re here to teach.”

Second,we attract people into our lives who are mirrors for us, to remind us who we are.

Sometimes we look in the mirror and don’t see anything good, or think we don’t have the answers we need inside us. Sometimes, our personal mirror is broken, is distorted, or foggy. Trusting a broken mirror is bad luck! How do you know when it’s broken? Easy: You can’t see yourself. You don’t see your value, gifts, your abilities. You think you don’t have answers. (You are not trusting your intuition.)

Here’s the thing. We do have the answers, but sometimes we need a human mirror to see them clearly. We all need people in our lives who can reflect back the things we can’t see.

There’s nothing wrong with looking for guidance outside yourself. In fact, for many challenging issue around personal or spiritual growth, or business or creative issues; any area you want to improve,you need support. You can’t do it alone. Whether you find that in a friend or family member, or you hire a mentor or coach to help you, be sure to not give away your power to them. No one else knows what’s best for you. That’s not to say people can’t teach you things, but only you know when the answer is right for you. You can feel it. That’s your intuition speaking.

When you learn something that inspires, interests, or excites you, that tells you something about yourself. If you think about the people you admire and respect, they probably have certain qualities that you also have (or would like to have.) They say and do things that sound or feel right to you.

When you’re inspired by someone, be inspired by yourself, because whatever is attractive about them to you also exists in you, at least as a value, a desire, or a belief, and therefore, potential.

Ironically, sometimes, to learn to trust yourself (your intuition), you have to look at others and see what they reflect back to you about your self. But then internalize that part of you and own it.

If you don’t have a good friend or relative who does this for you, hire a mentor or coach to reflect back your blind spots so you can more fully trust yourself.

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