Discover Your Purpose and Create a Life You Love!



  • Are you afraid you're wasting your life? You know deep down inside you have a higher calling. You have a purpose! But you can't quite put your finger on it.


  • Are you worried about running out of time? You might not get your book written, your song sung, your message out there, or even figure out what it is before your time is up!



  • Are you going through the motions in life with no passion, but you know there has to be more?


  • Can you imagine how empowered you would feel, and what you could accomplish, with the confidence that you would have if you knew without a shadow of a doubt why you are here?


  • Are you ready to embrace a life of meaning and fulfillment and contribute your true gifts to the world in a bigger way?





Art of Soul Painting Workshops




Awaken Your Creative Spirit!

Discover  how to access your inner wisdom from the canvas!

Create change in your life!

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